1st Virtual User Group - Slides & Links

Our 1st virtual meetup just happened. Thanks to everyone that attended. Here are the links to the slides and especially Sunil’s different initiatives:

Keep the conversation going. If you have any questions around the topics or on the user group itself just reply to this thread.
Also: Please let us know if you have a project or a topic that you’d like to present at an upcoming virtual user group.


Thanks for posting the slide deck @Sven_Peters! I unfortunately wasn’t able to make today’s chat.


Hello @Sven_Peters
thanks for the presentation, it was a very good display of the do’s and don’ts. As a independent consultant, working mostly remote, it was great to see how others do and also to see that the best practices seem to end all on the same path.
The format was very well done! One remark on the audio, it was lacking when the “speaker” moved to the left or right. But this is just in the upper 95% range, and most likely due to the Laptop mic.


Thanks for the insight into the remote work practices presented in an user friendly way. I was at the meetup, yesterday.

I had attended few freelancing meetups locally (I live in Bangalore, S.India) that promoted the idea of working from home and from co-working spaces. Working totally from home for 5+ years is cool. The best aspect is (I think) being close to your spouse and children .

This concept was catching up right from the early 2000’s where corporations in USA were starting to have their project managers (software industry) work from home offices; I think in an effort to save resources like office space and commuting. Also the technology provided the means (better communications, conferencing, etc) and with newer management techniques.

No matter what, remote working is the way of future!


…and here’s the recording of the user group meeting. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/YwmZA8YaRYw


Last evening I ran into this article on nytimes; it has some useful tips on the equipment for folks working from home: My Long, Unending Journey to Find Perfect Office Equipment

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