Atlas Search

Build fast, relevant, full-text search capabilities right on top of your data in the cloud. Designed for the document model and available exclusively on MongoDB Atlas.

Fully Integrated &
Fully Managed

Get search and database all in one place. When you build your application on MongoDB Atlas, you get built-in search features without needing to set up, maintain, and scale a separate search platform or replicate your data elsewhere.

Indexing & Querying Made Easy

Create a search index on your data with a few clicks or a single API call. Combine dozens of operators and options to build sophisticated search queries and aggregations, and preview the results before deploying.

Rich Query Language & Powerful Search Capabilities

Design and deliver rich user experiences with a full-text search engine built on industry-leading Apache Lucene. Fine-tune relevance with custom scoring, add synonyms and facets, and support queries in different languages.