Atlas Data Lake

Query and combine MongoDB Atlas application data and Amazon S3 data with ease.

Analyze your data easily & intuitively

Directly query Atlas databases and Amazon S3 together while preserving the rich structure of your data. Run powerful, easy-to-understand aggregations using the MongoDB Query API for a consistent experience across a variety of data types.

Simplify combining, transforming & enriching data

Reduce the effort required to build aggregations that transform and enrich data in order to generate insights that power real-time applications. Work with data seamlessly in a variety of formats without extensive data pipelines or ETL.

Work with data on-demand, at any scale

There is no infrastructure to set up or manage and no need to predict capacity - you only pay for the queries run when actively working with your data. Scale your data lake to deliver performance by parallelizing workloads and enable global data lake analytics.

Fully integrated with MongoDB Atlas

Spin up your cloud data lake right alongside your operational Atlas databases with a few clicks. Then leverage MongoDB tools like Compass and Charts to explore, visualize and share your data insights.
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