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Under Armour Powers their Apparel Business on MongoDB

You cannot go to a lacrosse or football game without seeing Under Armour, the leading brand in sports apparel. Their innovative compression technology completely changed the environment for athletic gear, and in 2011, they realized their [online shop]( needed to play as hard as their clothing in time for the holiday shopping season, a mere eight months away. They chose MongoDB as their database of choice for their new custom-built ecommerce system. Under Armour’s online store needed a significant update to better represent their innovative brand. But their legacy system, built in SQL Server, was difficult to scale and add new features. The team needed a solution that was agile and could accommodate their short time frame. After considering a range of NoSQL systems, Under Armour chose MongoDB as the underlying database. MongoDB’s inherent ability to support multi-data center replication and sharding addressed Under Armour’s disaster recovery and scalability needs. The dynamic schema of MongoDB was particularly attractive to the development team. And MongoDB’s high performance on both reads and writes was the final piece of the puzzle. Under Armour built a custom ecommerce system with MongoDB, following companies like Gilt Groupe , Shopcade and Rangespan , who all have ecommerce systems powered by MongoDB. Now, a year and a half later and after having been through two very busy holiday seasons on the new platform, Under Armour can look back and evaluate all of the decisions that took place during the madness of their highly compressed V5 project schedule. Since adopting MongoDB performance and reliability have been excellent, and MongoDB’s ability to scale out using commodity hardware has positioned Under Armour very well for their expected growth for the next several years. Read the full case study , and other customer success stories on

June 7, 2013