Why We're Telling the World: "Love Your Developers"

Matt Asay and Olivia Cohen


Today, we at MongoDB are proud to announce the launch of our Love Your Developers campaign.

Love Your Developers campaign banner that features a developer working at a computer in the top right, and another two developers in a brainstorm session in the bottom left.

The tl;dr behind it all is simple: We love developers. Always have. Always will.

The reason is simple. From the earliest days of room-sized machines doing a handful of tasks to today’s pocket-sized super machines, developers have been there, pushing past what anyone ever thought possible. Developers not only defined what the internet could be, but are now redefining what it should be in an ever-connected world. And it’s developers who are leading the charge to demonstrate for the world all that intelligent machines can do.

At MongoDB, we want to recognize and support all that developers have done and continue to do; and we ask you to do the same.

The “Love Your Developers" campaign is our call to celebrate developer accomplishments — past, present, and future — through a variety of media and storytelling avenues.

Our anthem film, “No Matter the Future,” looks at the monumental achievements developers have made in the history of tech and why they’ll continue to redefine what’s possible into the future.

Going forward, this campaign will also detail what developers are doing today to transform the way that customers interact with businesses around the world.

To join in on this campaign, check out our Love Your Developers page, and tell us about your own developer triumphs, achievements, hopes, and dreams on social with #LoveYourDevelopers.

*Archival photos courtesy of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration