MongoDB Supports Cutting-Edge Startups with NVIDIA Inception

Steve Jurczak


We are excited to announce that MongoDB for Startups is collaborating with NVIDIA Inception to power cutting-edge startups in AI, autonomous driving, gaming, robotics, healthcare, and more. Here, we answer frequently asked questions to provide a brief overview of the initiative.

Why should a startup build its MVP with MongoDB for Startups and NVIDIA Inception?

If you are a founder looking to build innovative technologies in AI, data science, gaming, and other breakthrough industries, then you’ll want to leverage MongoDB for Startups (a program that helps startups build faster and scale further with free MongoDB Atlas credits, one-on-one technical advice, co-marketing opportunities, and access to our partner network) and NVIDIA Inception (a free global program designed to nurture cutting-edge startups) for your MVP.

Together with MongoDB and NVIDIA Inception, founders can leverage the most intuitive and flexible way to work with data so they can adapt quickly to the changing needs of a growing business. Utilizing MongoDB Atlas, a fully managed multi-cloud developer data platform, startups can scale rapidly while enjoying the freedom to run anywhere with the best cloud environments. NVIDIA Inception members get a custom set of ongoing benefits, such as NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute credits, marketing support, and technology assistance, which provides startups with the fundamental tools to help them grow.

What is the MongoDB for Startups program?

MongoDB for Startups is focused on creating a valuable technical startup program that enables the success of high-growth startups from ideation to IPO. We designed this program to give startups access to the best technical database for their rapidly scaling ventures.

Apply to our program and you will receive:

  • $500 in credits for all MongoDB cloud products (valid for 12 months)

  • A dedicated technical advisor for a two-hour, one-on-one consultation to help you with your data migration and optimization

  • Co-marketing opportunities

  • Access to the MongoDB developer ecosystem and access to our VC partners

What is the NVIDIA Inception Program?

NVIDIA Inception helps startups in all industries accelerate growth and build their products faster. With more than 10,000 startup members, the program is free and available for tech startups in all stages.

Inception members can receive:

  • Up to $100K in AWS cloud credits

  • Technical training and engineering guidance

  • Product discounts

  • Co-marketing and co-selling

  • Customer introductions and VC exposure