Introducing Pay as You Go MongoDB Atlas on AWS Marketplace

Eric Holzhauer


We’re excited to introduce a new way of paying for MongoDB Atlas. AWS customers can now pay Atlas charges via our new AWS Marketplace listing. Through this listing, individual developers can enjoy a simplified payment experience via their AWS accounts, while enterprises now have another way to procure MongoDB in addition to privately negotiated offers, already supported via AWS Marketplace.

Previously, customers who wanted to pay via AWS Marketplace had to commit to a certain level of usage upfront. Pay as you go is available directly in Atlas via credit card, PayPal, and invoice — but not in AWS Marketplace, until today.

With this new listing and integration, you can pay via AWS with no upfront commitments. Simply subscribe via AWS Marketplace and start using Atlas. You can get started for free with Atlas’s free-forever tier, then scale as needed. You’ll be charged in AWS only for the resources you use in Atlas, with no payment minimum. Deploy, scale, and tear down resources in Atlas as needed; you’ll pay just for the hours that you’re using them.

Atlas comes with a Basic Support Plan via in-app chat. If you want to upgrade to another Atlas support plan, you can do so in Atlas. Usage and support costs will be billed together to your AWS account daily. If you’re connecting Atlas to applications running in AWS, or integrating with other AWS services, you’ll be able to see all your costs in one place in your AWS account.

To get started with Atlas via AWS Marketplace, visit our Marketplace listing and subscribe using your account. You’ll then be prompted to either sign in to your existing Atlas account or sign up for a new Atlas account.