MongoDB Hackathon Winners Announced


Last December, the MongoDB Atlas Hackhaton on DEV was launched. A month has already passed by, and we are very excited to announce this edition’s winners.

Once again, the MongoDB judging panel was highly impressed by the quality of submissions they received and would like to thank everyone who participated in the hackathon. Over 210 submissions were received, and the choice was not easy.

The submissions were categorized into five categories, and each category winner will receive a grand prize worth $1500. In addition to the grand prize winners, ten runner-up projects were selected for prizes worth $250.

Action Star

In this category, the projects needed to create an event-driven application that used MongoDB Realm Functions and Triggers.

Plant Monitor - Using IoT, MongoDB and Flutter

Plant monitor is a complete plant health tracking device that uses MongoDB behind the scenes to store all the data from the IoT device. In addition to using the database to store the data, Souvik created a Realm function to have an HTTP endpoint for the device to send the data directly to MongoDB Atlas. He also went an extra step and used MongoDB Charts for excellent analytics of the plant health.

Automation Innovation

Here, the participants needed to automate a task performed every week using Atlas Serverless.

New Year Resolution Tracker with Weekly Automated Reports

New Year resolutions are hard to keep, but it will be easier this year, thanks to this application. New Year Resolution tracker is an application to log daily exercises and follow your progress with the established goal. A MongoDB Atlas Serverless instance was used to optimize the cluster usage. Alex decided to use the MongoDB JavaScript native driver to connect to the database, making the code easier to read.

E-commerce Creation

Searching through a catalog of products is now easier than ever with Atlas Search. In this category, the participants demonstrated the power of Atlas Search in an e-commerce demo application.

Groovemade - E-commerce app using MongoDB atlas search

Adding full-text search capabilities to an application can seem like a highly complex problem. However, Patrick proved this to be wrong in his project. Groovemade is an e-commerce website that uses MongoDB Atlas to store its catalog of products. The search bar uses Atlas search's auto-completion and fuzzy search features to deliver relevant results instantly to users.

Prime Time

This category was specifically for IoT and heavy analytics projects. Here, the participants used MongoDB Time Series collection to store large amounts of data.

Temperature Sensing with Raspberry Pi into MongoDB

IoT sensors produce a lot of data. This data needs to be stored efficiently to provide analytics to the end-users. With his fish tank temperature sensor, Kai demonstrated how to make the best use of MongoDB Time Series collection to handle the data coming from his sensor. With a new entry in the database every three seconds, Time Series is a great way to handle this type of data at scale.

Choose Your Own Adventure

For participants who got extra creative, this was the category for their projects. Anything that did not fit in the above categories was eligible here.

Asteria: Asteroids approaching Earth today

The MongoDB team received many creative and inventive submissions in this category. Still, this project stood out and was unanimously picked as the winner. In this project, Valeria uses many advanced MongoDB Atlas features such as Realm authentication, functions, and hosting, to warn us of possible asteroids colliding with our planet. Let's just hope we'll never have to actually use this website to track a potential collision!


In addition to those five grand prize winners, the jury also picked their ten favourite projects from all submissions. The 10 runner-ups, in no particular order, are:

Title of the document
Lotir - Share link and images between your phone and your computer Julien
RENT! e-commerce, submission for AtlasHackathon Matteo Bianchi
Metrics Monitoring App with Anomaly Detection using MongoDB madalinfasie
Explore Seattle City Bikes trips Benoît Durand
Recipe Cards Collection - Powered by MongoDB, Responsively Designed Roxioxx Studios
Watchkeeping: a timesheet compiling tool for Seafarers Chuong Tang
Atlas hackathon submission (Refactored waffles) Pranjal Jain
HeatSat yvesnrd
vaccineAvailability Application Bikram Bhusan Sinha
Manage webhooks with MongoDB Functions and Triggers Pubudu Jayawardana

See you next time!

That concludes our latest MongoDB Atlas and DEV hackathon. We would like to thank all the participants for their great ideas and unique submissions. This will most likely not be the last hackathon, so stay tuned to learn more about the future events coming up on