Announcing the General Availability of MongoDB 3.4 and Bug Hunt Winners



MongoDB 3.4, the latest release of the world’s fastest growing database, is now generally available for production deployments - you can download the community version and MongoDB Enterprise Server today.

MongoDB 3.4 represents a major evolution in capabilities and enhancements that enables you to address emerging opportunities and use cases with one database platform.

Graph Processing

MongoDB 3.4 adds a powerful new aggregation pipeline stage for recursive lookups that process graph queries, enabling efficient traversals across graphs, trees, and hierarchical data to uncover patterns to surface previously unidentified connections.

Faceted Navigation

Facets allow you to group information into related categories easily by applying multiple filters to your query results. With faceted navigation in MongoDB 3.4, you can greatly simplify the query load for your applications, while providing an intuitive interface for exploring a data set, and allowing rapid drill downs into data that is of most interest.

Collation, Decimal, Aggregation Pipeline Improvements

  • Local language collations – the rules governing text comparisons and sorting – are now available for over 100 different languages and locales, enabling you to easily extend the reach of your applications to non-English speaking audiences
  • Support for the decimal data type brings new precision to financial and scientific data processing
  • The aggregation pipeline has been expanded to include over 25 enhancements including new stages, expressions, array manipulation, and performance optimizations, enabling developers to build richer data processing pipelines for sophisticated, in-database analytics

More Options for Tunable Consistency

Added consistency controls allow you to optimize data access patterns across replica sets based on application requirements, and give you the option to configure linearizable reads for even stronger consistency guarantees.

Improved Security

  • New read-only views make it easy to implement field-level security through filtering and masking of underlying data, reducing risks of data exposure for applications deployed in regulated industries
  • For Enterprise Server users, MongoDB extends LDAP authentication to now support LDAP authorization, allowing you to centrally define and manage user access controls
  • For users of managed MongoDB Atlas, new VPC Peering functionality allows you to create an extended, private network that connects the VPC housing your application servers with the VPC containing your MongoDB Atlas clusters

Improved Tooling & Connectors

  • MongoDB Compass, the GUI for MongoDB, has been enhanced with visual explain plans, real-time server stats, and CRUD functionality. Furthermore, the ability to define indexes and create document validation rules directly from the Compass GUI provides richer control for developers and DBAs
  • Ops Manager, the management platform for MongoDB, has been enhanced as part of the MongoDB 3.4 release, and now offers a host of enhancements: finer-grained monitoring telemetry; configuration of MongoDB zones and LDAP security; richer private cloud support with server pools and Cloud Foundry integration; and support for Amazon S3 as a location for backups
  • The MongoDB Connector for BI has been re-engineered to improve performance; simplify installation and configuration; and bring Windows support. MongoDB 3.4 also includes an update to our MongoDB Connector for Apache Spark, designed for the latest Spark 2.0 release

And Much More

MongoDB 3.4 also includes expanded platform support, enhancements that make it easier to adjust your deployment to dynamic application demands, intra-cluster compression, simpler cross-region deployments with MongoDB zones, and more. Check out our MongoDB 3.4 release notes to learn more.

Community Contribution & Bug Hunt Winners

The community’s past efforts have helped improve the quality of MongoDB releases. This year we brought the Bug Hunt from an online competition to an in-person, collaborative experience. We invited our global network of MongoDB User Groups to hunt for bugs together. Organizers who participated held on-site Bug Hunt workshops at MUGs in:

  • New York City
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Orange County, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Austin, TX

The workshops provided instructional material (for testing and filing bugs), sample test code, and "Bug Hunt" sticker packs for all participating MUGs.

We also included individual participants who did not attend a MUG-organized Bug Hunt.

This year’s winner and honorable mentions are:

Winner - Lilian Romero

Lilian opened JIRA ticket SERVER-26674, after identifying a performance regression while testing under YCSB. It revealed the TransportLayer code spent significant time under locks; the fix was subsequently included in 3.4.0-rc3. Lilian’s follow on testing with YCSB has provided tuning guidance for further performance improvements.

Lilian will receive a $1,500 Amazon gift card, 2 Professional Certification exam vouchers, $100 of credits towards MongoDB Atlas, a free ticket to MongoDB World (or Europe) 2017, and global recognition on our blog and social media.

Honorable Mentions - Nick Judson & Andreea Salinca

In SERVER-26753, Nick reported performance regressions that weren’t apparent in the prior production release, MongoDB 3.2. Investigation uncovered a scenario where WiredTiger behavior could lead to CPU starvation, even in MongoDB 3.2. A code fix was included in 3.4.0-rc3 and also backported to 3.2.11.

Andreea reported SERVER-27201, which exposed a code path that could trigger a null pointer dereference when using $graphLookup, one of the new features in MongoDB 3.4.

Nick and Andreea will each receive a $500 Amazon gift card, 1 Professional Certification exam voucher, $100 of credits towards MongoDB Atlas, a free ticket to MongoDB World (or Europe) 2017, and global recognition on our blog and social media.

Runners Up - Jai Hirsch & Donal Tobin

Finally, to acknowledge the hard work of all the participants, we added two prizes for the next two-in-line Bug Hunters. Jai Hirsh filed ticket SERVER-26461, which detailed an error in $group aggregation, and Donal Tobin opened ticket SERVER-26128 to document installation misbehavior on MS Windows. Both were fixed and are now part of the 3.4.0 release.

Both Jai and Donal will each get 1 Professional Certification exam voucher.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who downloaded, tested and gave feedback on our release candidates.

Most Engaged MongoDB User Group (MUG) - Sydney

This year, the Sydney MongoDB User Group earned the right to be called “the Most Engaged MongoDB User Group” for its participation in the Bug Hunt. The organizers will receive a box of assorted MongoDB swag to share with their members. Like the individual winners, the MUG will be recognized on our blog and social media. Congrats Sydney! Well done!

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The best way, of course, is to download and try it out for yourself.

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