Announcing GA of the MongoDB Atlas Operator for Kubernetes

Eric Holzhauer and Melissa Plunkett

#MongoDB World#DevOps

We’re excited to announce the general availability of the Atlas Kubernetes Operator, the best way to use MongoDB with Kubernetes.

The Atlas Kubernetes Operator makes it easy to deploy, manage, and access MongoDB Atlas from your preferred Kubernetes distribution. When the operator is installed into your Kubernetes environment, it exposes Kubernetes custom resources to fully manage projects, deployments (clusters and serverless instances), network access (IP Access Lists and Private Endpoints), database users, backup, and more. For a full list of capabilities, check out the Atlas Operator documentation.

The Atlas Operator is designed to Kubernetes standards. It’s open source and built with the CNCF Operator Framework, so you can have confidence that it will work with your Kubernetes environment. The Operator supports any Certified Kubernetes Distribution and is OpenShift-certified.

With the Operator, you can easily manage your Atlas resources directly from Kubernetes, using the Kubernetes API. This means no switching between systems: you can manage your containerized applications and the data layer powering them from a single control plane. This also makes it easy to integrate Atlas into your Kubernetes-native CI/CD pipelines, automatically setting up and tearing down infrastructure as part of your deployment process.

Why Kubernetes and MongoDB Atlas? Atlas is a multi-cloud document database that provides the versatility you need to build sophisticated and resilient applications. It has built-in high availability, is easily scalable, and is flexible enough to support rapid iteration and shipping of new application features. This makes it a great fit for the modern development and deployment practices that containerization and Kubernetes support. It’s also incredibly simple to deploy multi-cloud clusters or move between clouds on Atlas — a good match for the portability that containers provide.

Learn more about the Atlas Operator for Kubernetes or get going right away with the Atlas Operator Quick Start.