Accelerate App Development by Integrating MongoDB Atlas with Vercel: Now Available on the Vercel Marketplace

We’re excited to announce that MongoDB Atlas is now available on the Vercel Integrations Marketplace. If you are already using Vercel to develop and ship applications, or considering it for an upcoming project, this integration enables you to add a fully managed MongoDB Atlas database to your Vercel application in a matter of minutes.

Build new web experiences with ease

Vercel is known for making it easy for frontend developers to deploy Next.js applications instantly with no configuration and seamless scale through built-in CI/CD, analytics, serverless functions, and content delivery at the edge. MongoDB Atlas complements Vercel with a fully managed multi-cloud database service built on an intuitive and flexible document data model that provides a frictionless getting started experience. Atlas offers several database deployment types, ranging from a free shared cluster that is great for exploring MongoDB, to serverless instances that are ideal for app development and lightweight workloads, to our dedicated clusters that offer advanced functionality and customizations to power the most mission-critical applications.

When using Atlas with Vercel, developers can build new web experiences quickly and with ease. Deploy on Vercel with zero configuration and instantly start building with documents that map directly to objects in your code.

Scale without limits with Atlas and Vercel

As your application grows, Atlas is built to grow with you, allowing you to modify data schemas if requirements change, and to scale confidently with built-in defaults and best practices that ensure your application is performant and secure. Our developer data platform makes expanding to meet new workload requirements easy, with embedded capabilities for full-text search, real-time analytics, data visualization, and more, so you can get the most out of your data without the added complexity of additional tools.

And if you’re planning to have users all over the world, that’s no problem. Atlas and Vercel make delivering first-class experiences easier, regardless of where your users are located. Take advantage of Vercel’s edge network and the ability to distribute your data globally on Atlas with the click of a button, with access to nearly 100 regions and features for data partitioning, multi-region, and multi-cloud deployments designed for resiliency and responsiveness.

Get started today

If you’re ready to start building your next application with MongoDB Atlas and Vercel, getting started is simple. Select MongoDB Atlas on the Vercel Integrations Marketplace and automatically create and link your Atlas database with your Vercel app project in just a few clicks.

We’re excited to see what you build! Join our community forums to share your project, leave feedback, ask questions, and connect with other developers using MongoDB Atlas.