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Announcing the MongoDB 3.2 Bug Hunt

We are pleased to announce the availability of MongoDB 3.2.0-rc0 , the first 3.2 release candidate. This release makes WiredTiger the default storage engine, includes significant improvements to replication and sharding, a new leader election protocol, new document validation capabilities, as well as richer analytics and search. We’ve put the release through rigorous correctness, performance, and usability testing, and now it’s time to extend that rigor to as many application environments as we can. We are inviting you to help us ensure the quality of this release, and we want to give away some great prizes to those who do. Download 3.2.0-rc ### The Bug Hunt The Bug Hunt rewards community members who help test and improve MongoDB releases. This year’s Bug Hunt will run from October 15 to December 1 as we progress through release candidates. We ask our community’s help in testing this release. New features include: Document Validation Config servers deployed as replica sets WiredTiger as the default storage engine Partial Indexes There are also a number of significant enhancements to popular features: Text search enhancements Aggregation Framework enhancements Enhancements to mongodump/mongorestore Finally, MongoDB Enterprise Server includes several advanced features that are also part of the bug hunt: Encrypted Storage Engine Left outer join Additional languages for text search You can see all other enhancements in the 3.2 development series documentation . Judging your Tickets There will be one overall winner of the Bug Hunt and two honorable mentions. Bug reports will be judged on three criteria: user impact, severity and prevalence. The grand prize winner for the Bug Hunt will be announced on the MongoDB blog and user forum on the date of the Server Release. The community’s efforts have consistently been instrumental in improving the quality of MongoDB releases. You can view past winners for the 2.6 and 3.0 Bug Hunts. Prizes First Prize $1,500 Amazon Gift Card Ticket to MongoDB World Front row seat reserved at MongoDB World Honorable Mentions $500 Amazon Gift Card Ticket to MongoDB World Front row seat reserved at MongoDB World How to get started Download the latest development release of MongoDB: You can download at MongoDB.org/downloads . Review the release notes Deploy in your test environment: It is best to test software in a real environment with realistic data volumes and load. Help us see how 3.2 works with your environment, code, and data so that others can build and run applications on MongoDB 3.2 successfully. Check the MongoDB 3.2 Bug Hunt Dashboard to view all reported issues. Log a ticket: If you find an issue, create a report in Jira (Core Server project) . See the documentation for a guide to submitting well written bug reports or discuss on the MongoDB Users mailing list . Monitor Everything: The latest version of the server should offer overall performance improvements, but certain edge cases can often cause performance degradations. Monitoring the performance of your cluster during testing of your workload is vital to flushing out and documenting issues. Consider using MongoDB Cloud Manager to monitor your instances. Little things matter: No issue is too small. Clarifying confusing log messages or new command parameter names is important to making a great final product. Happy hunting! Download 3.2.0-rc0

October 15, 2015