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MongoDB Charts brings dynamic visualization to your data and now you can embed those live charts and graphs into web pages, apps, blogs and more. And the best part - Embedded charts are really simple to deploy.

MongoDB Charts Gets Embeddable

Jane Fine

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MongoDB Chart’s latest feature is embeddable charts and MongoDB Atlas users are the first to get a preview of it. Now you can present your users with live charts from your data and you can do it without writing stacks of code.

MongoDB: The Most Wanted Database by Developers for the 4th Consecutive Year

Since 2011, Stack Overflow has taken the pulse of the developer community, revealing the top trends, technologies, and work priorities for software engineers around the world. The survey always provides fascinating insight, and 2019 was no exception with nearly 90,000 developers completing it. And now the results are in, and its another good year for MongoDB.

T-9: The Countdown to MongoDB World 2019

As MongoDB World 2019 approaches, we thought it would be a good time to look back at MongoDB World 2018 and some of the great talks that took place there and where to find similar talks at this year's essential event. It's nine weeks to MongoDB World 2019 and this is your countdown...

Building with Patterns: The Document Versioning Pattern

Databases, such as MongoDB, are very good at querying lots of data and updating that data frequently. In most cases, however, we are only performing queries on the latest state of the data. What about situations in which we need to query previous states of the data? What if we need to have some functionality of version control of our documents? This is where we can use the Document Versioning Pattern.

Calling all Innovators! Nominations Open for the 2019 MongoDB Innovation Awards

Nominations for the sixth annual MongoDB Innovation Awards are now open until May 1st. These awards recognize innovative individuals and organizations who are using MongoDB to push the status quo and change the world around them.

Coming Soon - MongoDB Atlas as a native service on the Google Cloud

Leo Zheng

Releases, Cloud

Building and managing applications with MongoDB Atlas on Google Cloud is about to become even easier. That's because we are pleased to announce an expanded technical and business partnership with Google which will bring MongoDB Atlas into the Google Cloud Console.

Countdown to MongoDB World 2019: T-10 Weeks - The Hackathon and The First Sneak Peeks

With ten weeks to go before we open the doors at MongoDB World, we wanted to give you a taste of what's going to be going on in some of the tracks. First, a quick reminder of when and where - the conference is running for three days, June 17th to the 19th, at the Hilton Midtown in New York City. Make sure you have that marked in your diary while we tell you about the Hackathon and what's going on at the conference.

Announcing the MongoDB Diversity and Innovator Scholarships for 2019

Diversity is a core value of MongoDB and to make sure that there is diversity, it is essential to create real opportunities. That's the idea behind our Diversity and Innovator Scholarship programs which have been in place since 2014 and 2016 respectively. These scholarships are now open for applications and nominations until April 19th.

Building with Patterns: The Preallocation Pattern

One of the great things about MongoDB is the document data model. It provides for a lot of flexibility not only in schema design but in the development cycle as well. Not knowing what fields will be required down the road is easily handled with MongoDB documents. However, there are times when the structure is known and being able to fill or grow the structure makes the design much simpler. This is where we can use the Preallocation Pattern.