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Full-Text Search and Auto Scaling Coming To MongoDB Atlas


Among the many other announcements in the MongoDB World 2019 keynote were two MongoDB Atlas announcements which extend the power and reach of the managed platform for MongoDB users of any size. Full-Text Search enables users to leverage the power of Apache Lucene for text search. Auto Scaling builds upon current scaling options to enable an intelligent best-fit for workloads.

MongoDB World 2019 Live Blog - Day 3

We're live at MongoDB World for Day 3 as the blog team cover all the events taking place over the day, especially the fun and learning going on at Builders Fest. Join us as our auto-updating live blog keeps you in touch.

2019 MongoDB Innovation Awards Winners

We were happy again to see a number of amazing nominations for the 6th annual MongoDB Innovation Awards. MongoDB’s annual awards recognize companies who are using MongoDB to dream big and deliver incredibly bold, innovative solutions.

We are thrilled to announce our 12 winners who were honored at MongoDB World, New York, June 17-19.

MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes Now Generally Available

We are pleased to announce that the MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes is now generally available and ready for production deployments. Operators enable the Kubernetes container orchestration system to control specific applications.

The Enterprise Operator is a new component which enables both private, hybrid and public cloud devops teams to seamlessly integrate MongoDB deployments with applications, microservices and other components of the modern development stack and delivery platforms.

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake Debuts at MongoDB World

MongoDB Atlas Data Lake is a new member of the MongoDB Atlas family which has just been announced at MongoDB World and is available in public beta. It brings the technology that has made MongoDB the most popular document database in the world and applies it to the great data lakes of the cloud. As companies have accumulated more and more data in cloud storage like Amazon S3, so the need to process that data effectively has risen.

With MongoDB Atlas Data Lake, you use the MongoDB Query Language, which is built for rich, complex structures and work with data stored in JSON, BSON, CSV, TSV, Avro, and Parquet formats. Data is analyzed on demand with no infrastructure setup and no time-consuming transformations, pre-processing or metadata management.

MongoDB Charts is now Generally Available!

Today at MongoDB World in New York, we announced the General Availability of MongoDB Charts, the quickest and easiest way to build visualizations over your MongoDB data.

MongoDB 4.2 Previewed At MongoDB World

Taking the stage at MongoDB World today, CTO Eliot Horowitz highlighted some of the features in the forthcoming MongoDB 4.2 that extend its lead in database technology. Distributed Transactions, Field Level Encryption, Wildcard Indexes and On-Demand Materialized Views are top of that list.

MongoDB World 2019 Live Blog - Day 2

We're live at MongoDB World for Day 2 as the blog team cover all the events taking place over the day, especially all the news around the keynotes. Join us as our auto-updating live blog keeps you in touch.

Triggers Arrive on MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB's new Atlas Triggers are bringing the power of MongoDB's serverless Triggers directly to MongoDB Atlas databases. Atlas Triggers provide a database-centric way of automating common tasks and allow for the decoupling of scheduled operations from applications.

Solving the Rube Goldberg Challenge - Eliot's MongoDB World Weekly Challenge Week 6

As we came to the last week of Eliot's MongoDB World Weekly Challenge, we wanted to challenge your creativity by asking you to create a digital Rube Goldberg machine that used Stitch and as many APIs and services as possible. We had some great entries and the one that tickled us the most also had some of the most intricate code we saw in the entries, it stood out as a winner.