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The Creator tier (beta) of the Community Advocacy Program will showcase developers worldwide who utilize MongoDB in various capacities. This program empowers members of the MongoDB developer community to elevate their profile and broaden their knowledge. We invite you to sign up if you can share with us one community contribution.
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The Champions tier of the Community Advocacy Program program consists of community members who are currently using their expertise in an active leadership role to accelerate the growth and knowledge of MongoDB’s community and technology.
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The Community Forums is a wonderful place to discuss anything related to learning, using, developing, or otherwise working with MongoDB products, services, and ecosystem.
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MongoDB Community Champions and Creators are passionate advocates dedicated to keeping the community informed and excited about our latest developments and offerings. They serve as a trusted bridge between MongoDB and the community's organizers, contributors, and creators who are the backbone of our community.
Elie Hannouch
Champion since 2023
Elie Hannouch is a standout Product Manager with a rich background spanning six years as a Software Engineer in Lebanon. His career is marked by a strong commitment to driving digital transformation and decentralization. Elie excels in integrating technical expertise from his engineering background into strategic product management, focusing on creating customer-centric products. As a recognized MongoDB Champion, he showcases a profound mastery of database technologies, contributing significantly to the MongoDB community through his deep understanding and innovative use of the platform. Elie's leadership transcends his job responsibilities. He is a key figure in the MongoDB, Google, and CNCF communities in Lebanon, mentoring emerging tech talent and promoting knowledge sharing. His role as a tech trainer emphasizes his commitment to equipping new engineers with vital industry skills. Furthermore, as a Technical Writer and Book Author, Elie simplifies complex tech concepts, inspiring the next generation of technology enthusiasts. His impact is a blend of technical brilliance, strategic insight, and a passion for education and community engagement.
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