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Creators Program
Applications Now Open!
What do Creators do?
Share their knowledge
Build community connections
Uplevel their knowledge
Become a member of our first cohort!

How to be a Creator?

Share your community contributions!

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  • Tutorial, blog or video you've created about MongoDB
  • Talk you have given about MongoDB
  • GitHub repo using MongoDB
  • MongoDB Community Forum answers
Program Benefits


Exclusive access to product sessions, Atlas credits, and more!


Access to a peer network of community leaders, a private forum channel, exclusive swag and more!


Priority access to content features, speaking slots at events, and more!


Support for blog writing, public speaking, social media, and more!

What is the Creators program?
The Community Creator Program is a selective initiative that honors community leaders who share their MongoDB knowledge through various channels. These leaders create and share content to help others learn and uplevel their MongoDB knowledge.
How can I become a Creator?
You can apply when applications open in mid-July. Applicants are encouraged to share their experiences creating content related to MongoDB and other technologies. This can include speaking at events, writing blogs or tutorials, creating videos, leading user groups, answering questions on forums, posting on social media - anything that helps to educate the MongoDB community.
What's the difference between the Champions Program and the Creators Program?
Becoming a Creator is an excellent opportunity to establish a leadership role in the community and engage more with the MongoDB team, particularly for those interested in potentially becoming future Champions.The Champions program operates on a nomination basis and involves a small number of participants, whereas the Creator program requires an application and accepts a larger number of applicants.
Why should I be part of the Creators Program?
The Creator program offers an opportunity for content creators who are passionate about sharing their MongoDB knowledge with the community. Participants are provided with opportunities to create content on MongoDB channels and receive promotion from MongoDB.
What are the benefits of being a Creator?
Being a Creator comes with numerous benefits, including quarterly product sessions, priority placement for content creation on MongoDB platforms, promotion of content, exclusive swag, Atlas credits and more!