Are you trying to convince your manager to let you attend MongoDB World? We’ve created the customizable resources below to demonstrate the value of your trip.

Talking Points

Talk to your manager about the benefits of attending. At MongoDB World, you will:

  • Build expertise in MongoDB from two full days of technical sessions

  • Learn first-hand about new product announcements to help you plan for the future

  • Access MongoDB experts in technical sessions, plus Ask the Experts, our complimentary one-on-one sessions

  • Create long-term connections and network with MongoDB experts in the community

You can pass these benefits on to your colleagues as well, by sharing what you’ve learned with the rest of your team after the event through a short, written report or presentation.

Justify your trip letter

Use and customize this email template

Subject: Request to Attend MongoDB World 2017 in Chicago

Dear [Approving Manager],

I’d like to request approval to attend MongoDB World, taking place June 20-21 in Chicago. This will be a great opportunity to learn MongoDB best practices directly from the engineers building the product and over 3,000 expert users. I believe we will see immediate return on this investment. Here’s why:

  • I’ll learn from the experts – all talks are delivered by MongoDB in-house experts or experienced development and operations experts from some of the world’s leading companies.

  • I’ll learn cost-saving techniques – through sessions on optimizing hardware and leveraging new cloud technologies (such as MongoDB Atlas), I’ll learn how to save money on infrastructure.

  • I’ll find out about the latest technologies – through talks on how to use MongoDB with Spark, Kafka, blockchain, and many other related tools I’ll discover how the industry is evolving. MongoDB World is a chance to learn about new things and ensure we maintain a competitive edge.

  • I’ll discover how to best leverage MongoDB’s feature set – for example, I can learn how to replace some of our outdated application code with MongoDB by leveraging its aggregation pipeline. Or, I can learn how we could proactively monitor our deployment to keep us on track.

  • I’ll make important connections – MongoDB World attendees include the most experienced MongoDB professionals. At the event, I can create new relationships and recruit talent for our team.

  • I’ll find out about the latest features – the product team at MongoDB is always working to release features and enhancements that ensure developers and organizations can build the applications they want.

Full conference details can be viewed at: https://www.mongodb.com/world17.

These sessions are particularly relevant to our current plans:

[List any relevant sessions]

Here are my estimated costs to attend:

        Conference registration:

        [#] Nights at the [Hyatt Regency] [$239] :

        Travel & Expenses:

Breakfast & lunch will be provided at the event.

I’m happy to report back after the event on what I learned, and share my learnings internally. A blog post or even a get together with other employees could lead to sharing new skills I gain while at MongoDB World!

There are discounts available for ticket, hotel, and transportation, if we can approve the trip quickly. Let me know your thoughts.



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