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Webinar: Neue Features in MongoDB 3.6


MongoDB 3.6 macht Sie so schnell wie Ihre Daten – und hilft Ihren Entwickler, Administratoren und Analysten aktiv zum Unternehmenswachstum beizutragen. Mit der neuen Version können Sie neue Apps schneller auf den Markt bringen, auch bei großer Nachfrage zuverlässig und sicher ausführen sowie für die Erkenntnis- und Datengewinnung in Echtzeit nutzen.

Seminario web: Novedades de MongoDB 3.6

4 PM CET | 9 AM CST | 12 PM ART

Con MongoDB 3.6, podrá avanzar al ritmo que marcan sus datos.y convertir sus desarrolladores, equipos de operaciones y analistas en un motor de crecimiento empresarial. Los plazos de lanzamiento de las nuevas aplicaciones se acelerarán, y estas funcionarán de forma segura y fiable en entornos de cualquier tamaño, además de aportar información útil en tiempo real.

Webinar: Le novità di MongoDB 3.6

10 AM

MongoDB 3.6 ti permette di muoverti alla stessa velocità dei tuoi dati, trasformando analisti, sviluppatori e sistemisti in un motore di crescita per il business. Con MongoDB 3.6, le applicazioni arrivano prima sul mercato, sono affidabili e sicure nell'esecuzione in scala, offrono intelligence e informazioni utili in tempo reale.

What's New in MongoDB 3.6

11am GMT | 12pm CET | 4:30pm IST

MongoDB 3.6 helps you move at the speed of your data - turning developers, operations teams, and analysts into a growth engine for the business. It enables new apps to be delivered to market faster, running reliably and securely at scale, and unlocking insights and intelligence in real time.

Implementation of Cluster-Wide Causal Consistency in MongoDB

In the new 3.6 release, MongoDB adds Causal Consistency support, which simplifies the task of "reading your writes", while maintaining the scalability and availability advantages of distributed systems. This talk will be presented by the developer of MongoDB’s causal consistency feature.

MongoDB and the Internet of Things

In this webinar, we will discuss architecture of IoT data management solutions and the challenges that arise. We will explore how MongoDB features provide solutions to those problems.

On-Demand Webinars

Webinar: Get Started with the MEAN Stack

In this session, we will walk through building a REST API from scratch with the MEAN stack using the test-driven development approach.

Webinar: MongoDB Operations Best Practices

Getting ready to deploy? MongoDB is designed to be simple to administer and to manage. An understanding of best practices can ensure a successful implementation.

Webinar: NoSQL Is Driving Innovation And Business Growth

Listen as our guest, Forrester's Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna, walks through current data management challenges organizations are facing to support new next-generation business applications and analytics. We also discuss use cases and best practices for NoSQL.