July 9, 2015

Webinar: A Technical Introduction to WiredTiger

In this webinar we will describe our original design goals for WiredTiger, including considerations we made for heavily threaded hardware, large on-chip caches, and SSD storage.

July 15, 2015

Webinar: Getting Started with MongoDB Cloud Manager

MongoDB Cloud Manager is the easiest way to run MongoDB in the cloud. Through a simple UI, you can deploy, monitor, back up and scale MongoDB with zero downtime. Cloud Manager reliably automates the tasks that you have traditionally performed manually, keeping your cluster healthy and improving ops efficiency by 10x-20x.

In this webinar, we you will learn how to set up and run Cloud Manager to best monitor and manage your MongoDB deployment.

July 29, 2015

MongoDB 在线讲座系列3 – 和老虎的约会: WiredTiger存储引擎技术内幕

MongoDB 3.0引入了插件式存储引擎的API和一个新的存储引擎-WiredTiger。WiredTiger背后是一个经验丰富的杰出团队。他们曾经一手设计并搭建出全球用户最多的嵌入式数据库-BerkeleyDB。这次Webinar中,讲师会给大家从高层次介绍WiredTiger的设计理念,其中包括对高度多线程硬件、大型CPU缓存、以及高速SSD存储等等的优化。讲师也会介绍一些WiredTiger使用的lock-free和non-blocking算法,以及优化系统可扩展性、吞吐量和延时的方法。最后,我们会展望一下WiredTiger未来的发展方向。讲座之后会有10-15分钟问答时间,欢迎大家积极参与。