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Costruire applicazioni sicure nel cloud nella'era del GDPR


Con i più recenti aggiornamenti, MongoDB Atlas è oggi ancora più completo. Offre letture e scritture a bassa latenza agli utenti di tutto il mondo, soddisfacendo complessi requisiti di sicurezza, incluse le nuove normative sulla governance dei dati.

Optimizing MongoDB Performance on AWS

12 PM ET | 9 AM PT

MongoDB is the most popular non-relational database and as a result, it is also one of the most widely-deployed technologies on Amazon Web Services. This popularity is, in part, a result of how easy it is to set up and build apps on MongoDB in the cloud. However, it can be more challenging to ensure you are getting the most out of your MongoDB clusters, especially without a dedicated DevOps team.

Building Secure Applications in the Cloud in the Era of GDPR

10AM BST | 11AM CEST | 2.30PM IST

With our most recent updates, MongoDB Atlas is now even more powerful, allowing you to provide low-latency reads and writes to users anywhere while satisfying complex security requirements, including new and evolving data governance regulations.

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