When to Use MongoDB

September 20, 2017

12 PM ET | 9 AM PT

Engineers often ask "how do I know if I should build my application on MongoDB?" IT executives ask a similar question, "which applications in my application portfolio should I migrate to MongoDB?" This webinar will present a framework for answering these questions.

We will cover two sets of criteria: (1) how to determine when to migrate a legacy application to MongoDB and (2) when should MongoDB be used for new applications? The webinar will also include a brief introduction to MongoDB to provide enough MongoDB technical background for analyzing when to use MongoDB?

Learning Objectives:

  • The basics of MongoDB document model, query capabilities, and architecture required for analyzing when to use MongoDB?
  • Criteria for determining when to use MongoDB to re-platform legacy applications
  • Criteria for determining when to use MongoDB for new applications

Jay Runkel: About the speaker

Jay Runkel is a principal solutions architect at MongoDB. For over 5 years, Jay has worked with Fortune 500 companies to architect enterprise solutions using non-relational document databases.

Before MongoDB, Jay was a key team member at MarkLogic and Venafi, where he worked with financial services, medical, and media organizations to develop operational systems for analytics and custom publishing. He also has experience guiding large financial institutions, retailers, health care and insurance organizations to secure, protect, and manage their encryption assets.

Jay has a BS in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.