Webinar: What's New in MongoDB

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April 17, 2014

MongoDB makes building applications natural and intuitive -- and MongoDB Management Service (MMS) makes it just as natural to run these apps, too. With MongoDB 2.6, we have improved scalability of several critical areas of the database and made changes to the core to support improved concurrency in future versions. MMS 1.4 includes tools for managing and scaling MongoDB clusters, including backup and monitoring, as well as automation, which is in testing with select users. Learn how you can put MongoDB to work for building new applications in this free session led by CTO and Co-Founder Eliot Horowitz, VP of Engineering, Dan Pasette and Cailin Nelson, VP of Engineering for MMS and Cloud on April 17.

This session will cover:

  • New query system improvements
  • Integrating search within your application using MongoDB
  • New capabilities to secure online Big Data
  • Operational enhancements
  • New additions to the MongoDB Management Service including Backup and Cluster Automation.

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