Webinar: Big Data VMWare Analytics with ESXTOP, MongoDB and JSON Studio

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September 24, 2014

Virtualization is perhaps the biggest thing that has happened to corporate IT in the past 10 years. Within the enterprise, there is hardly anyone not using VMWare and ESX hosts. Virtualized environments are rich in functionality and options - and that brings complexity with it. Adding a virtualization layer means that there is more to track from an IT operations standpoint and there are more "sirens" that can go off and more "knobs to turn" to ensure well-running environments. Managing, fine tuning and optimizing a large VMWare environment is very much a Big Data problem. Luckily, VMWare exposes all this data through the ESXTOP tool. But each reading for each ESX host yields tens of thousands of metrics - add many hosts and many timestamps and data grows very quickly. CH2MHILL is a global leader in consulting, design, operations, and program management with 26,000 employees working on some of the most complex and exciting projects on the planet. As such, the company has a large VMWare environment.

Join us in this Webinar to learn how CH2MHILL uses ESXTOP to get data and metrics, MongoDB to store the data and JSON Studio to analyze the data to ensure optimal VMWare operations and resolve issues as soon or even before they occur.

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