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April 19, 2023

10am - 1pm GMT

MongoDB is built with security in mind, and MongoDB Atlas, the developer data platform by MongoDB, offers all the latest security features you would expect from any other database.

Security is the top priority at MongoDB. That is why many security features are included in the MongoDB database and the Atlas developer data platform.

These features help you and your team ensure that all of your data is stored safely and securely. Amongst other things, MongoDB offers authentication, authorization and encryption to help you secure your MongoDB deployments.

Join MongoDB on the 19th of April at 10 am GMT to walk through:

  • A brief overview of security controls within MongoDB Atlas
  • Interactive exercises working with an Atlas Cluster
  • How to configure security controls in your Atlas environment
  • Exploring the Auditing Capabilities of your Atlas environment and learn how to create your own custom audit filters
  • A hands on experience with advanced authentication and authorization features such as X.509 and LDAP
  • Configuring an application to automatically encrypt and decrypt data using Client Side Field Level Encryption

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