Webinar: Replication and Replica Sets

June 20, 2013

MongoDB supports replication for failover and redundancy. In this session we will introduce the basic concepts around replica sets, which provide automated failover and recovery of nodes. We'll cover how to set up, configure, and initiate a replica set; methods for using replication to scale reads; and proper architecture for durability.

William Zola: About the speaker

William Zola is a Member of Technical Staff at MongoDB, working in the Support department to help both MongoDB customers and the larger user community with all aspects of running MongoDB. William has over 25 years of experience delivering technical support for enterprise software. He started out by working his way through college supporting Unix on Intel hardware, long before the first release of Linux. After a brief detour into development, William has spent the rest of his career supporting software for companies ranging in size from huge multi-nationals down to startups where William was the entire Support department. William lives in San Francisco, where he occasionally can see the sun.