Webinar: Quantified Benefits of Deploying with MongoDB

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May 28, 2014

This webinar has already passed, visit our presentations page to view a recording of the presentation.

In the digital economy, data is the raw currency. How an organization stores, manages, analyzes and uses data has a direct impact on its success. The organization’s choice of database directly affects how quickly it can bring new applications to market, support business growth, improve customer experience and product quality, while enhancing business agility and reducing costs. Consider the following examples:

  • A leading insurance company delivering a new application in just 3 months, after struggling for 8 years with a legacy database.
  • A global telecoms operators accelerating time to market by 4x and improving customer experience by 10x.
  • A Tier 1 investment bank estimating savings of $40m.

Join the webinar to learn how database selection can drive quantified business advantage you can't afford to ignore.

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