Webinar: Realizing Omni-Channel Retailing with MongoDB - One Step at a Time

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March 12, 2014

Please note we are offering two session of the webinar. Each session is the same.

Let’s face it – the consumer is in control. Retailers, this means – you need to be constantly prepared to listen, speak relevantly and act personally. To meet modern demands and expanding selling channels, retailers need to deploy seamless product information with endless aisle, empowered associates turned sales agents – whenever, to whatever medium they want, however the customer wants.

Knowing today’s realities, most databases systems are rigid and difficult to change, making it a challenge to provide personalized information to customers, wherever they want - right now.

MongoDB is an agile, game-changing technology that provides a real-time view of business with based upon consumer requirements. In this webinar you will learn how leading global retailers create unique business value using MongoDB such as:

1. Real-time view of product information
2. Relevant view of the customer from whichever channel they engage
3. Smart mobile applications that understands the customer's most recent activities

Once in place, retailers continue to leverage the data views to extend their business information across other business areas.

Learn about retailers embracing this approach to meet today’s business needs with MongoDB. As part of a mini-series, led by Rebecca Bucnis, global business architect @MongoDB, we will share how you can get started on your way to Omni-Channel retailing, one step at a time.

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