NoSQL Is Driving Innovation And Business Growth

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ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Business growth and speed are driving new application and data requirements that are putting pressure on current database strategy. Today’s business applications need databases that have the ability to support extreme scale, deal with all kinds of data formats, deliver sub-second response time and agility to support DevOps requirements.

NoSQL offers innovative capabilities that fill gaps found in traditional technologies, enables faster time to value for new business applications and lowers data management cost.

This on-demand webinar walks through current data management challenges organizations are facing to support new next-generation business applications and analytics, and discusses why NoSQL has become critical for all businesses. It also demonstrates use cases and best practices for NoSQL.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Key challenges organizations are facing on data management
  • Why organizations should look at an enterprise NoSQL strategy
  • Key business and technology benefits of using NoSQL

You will also hear from Richard Kreuter, MongoDB VP of Professional Services, about how we are helping customers succeed all over the world.

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