MongoDB Secure by Default and Queryable Encryption: Strong Controls for Critical Data Privacy

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August 24, 2022


MongoDB enables strong security defaults to ensure that security configurations such as authentication, authorization, in-transit and at-rest encryption are always on, to make it easy for customers to develop and focus on their business needs.

Queryable Encryption, available in preview with MongoDB 6.0, adds another layer of security as the industry’s first encrypted search scheme using breakthrough cryptography engineering. This technology gives developers the ability to query encrypted sensitive data in a simple and intuitive way without impacting performance, with zero cryptography experience required.

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  • How with MongoDB Atlas, your data is protected with preconfigured security features for authentication, authorization, encryption, and more.
  • About the preview release of Queryable Encryption, which allows customers to encrypt sensitive data from the client side, store it as fully randomized encrypted data on the database server side, and run expressive queries on the encrypted data.
  • Why there is no need to write special client-side query handling or be an expert in cryptography to deliver the highest levels of security with optimized performance.

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