Leveraging the new streamlined Vercel and MongoDB Atlas integration

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September 07, 2022

Getting a MongoDB Atlas database created and linked to your Vercel project has never been easier. With the power of fullstack serverless technology, you can eliminate complexity and operational burdens and instantly start building with documents.  

Join Jesse Hall, Sr. Developer Advocate at MongoDB, and Steven Tey, Sr. Developer Advocate at Vercel, for this YouTube livestream, where you'll discover how you can easily deploy a powerful full-stack application with Vercel and MongoDB at scale. Together, they'll demonstrate how to deploy a sample application and walkthrough how to use Vercel’s serverless functions to connect to your MongoDB Atlas Database.

You'll walk away from this session with a better understanding of:

  • What the new official Vercel integration entails and how it simplifies the setup and deployment of MongoDB Atlas alongside your Vercel project
  • Best practices for properly connecting your database with a serverless function
  • How to navigate the typical caveats of your setup

Don't miss the chance to learn how to take your idea to global application in seconds with MongoDB and Vercel!

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