Webinar: Internet of Things and Big Data – Vision and Concrete Use Cases

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June 12, 2014

Everybody agrees that IoT – the Internet of Things – is representing the next big wave in the evolution of the Internet. Promising new business models are developed which will leverage the data generated by billions of devices to provide new levels of operational insights and experiences that will delight customers. MongoDB and Bosch SI have collaborated to build a powerful IoT application platform to support these new business models. This webinar series will provide an overview of use cases, key capabilities, best practices and implementation examples for leveraging the Big Data and NoSQL features of this IoT platform.

In the first session, IoT and Big Data – Vision and concrete Use Cases, we will start with a keynote from the leading industry analysts at Machina Research. The webinar will give an introduction to the vision of using the potential provided by modern Big Data and NoSQL technologies in IoT applications. Three concrete IoT use cases will be discussed along with highlighting the different requirements. Finally, five key capabilities of data management technologies for the IoT are introduced.

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