How to Operationalise your data lake with MongoDB

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December 07, 2020

12pm - 1pm GST

It all starts with data. Over 2.5 quintillion of data is generated every day. There are many. Lots of data to store, process and analyze in an efficient way but also to protect. The data just keeps coming.

With this enormous volume, companies are realizing the value of data and the challenges that this high volume generates. The plans to set up a data warehouse and then a Data Lake have become critical. Associated with this criticality, data management must be subject to two paradigms depending on the use cases, the first allowing operational use of the “Hot data” data, and the second generally serving for in-depth analyzes taking more time. but necessary for “Cold Data” companies.

One of the main challenges of setting up a Data Lake is the management of this "Hot / Cold" data according to the use cases.

The unique features of MongoDB allow to bring together the operational and analytical processing of large volumes of data with a flexible structure to generate new services or improve existing ones.

During this presentation, we will examine which architecture to put in place with MongoDB to best serve these new needs.

During this webinar you will learn how to: Building a Data Lake Architecture with MongoDB Power and secure your data lake Leverage data to serve data scientists and data analysts

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