Webinar: How to Drive Business Value in Financial Services with MongoDB

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June 27, 2013

Huge upheaval in the finance industry has led to a major strain on existing IT infrastructure and systems. New finance industry regulation has meant increased volume, velocity and variability of data. This coupled with cost pressures from the business has led these institutions to seek alternatives. Top tier institutions have turned to MongoDB because of the enormous business value it enables.

In this session, hear how MongoDB enabled these successful real world examples:

  • Single View of a Customer - 3 months and $2M for a single view of a customer across 50 source systems
  • Reference Data Management - $40M in cost savings from migrating to MongoDB for reference data management
  • Private cloud - MongoDB as a PaaS across a tier 1 bank for enabling agility for operations, not just the developer

The use cases are specific to financial services but the patterns of usage - agility, scale, global distribution - will be applicable across many industries.

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