Webinar: Expanding Retail Frontiers with MongoDB

October 01, 2013

Twenty-first century retailers are facing an increasingly challenging and competitive environment. Given the rise of ecommerce and pressure on margins, retailers are looking for innovative services as well as ways to improve customer service, loyalty and engagement. Leading organizations in retail are choosing MongoDB because of its ability to help them compete, providing superior customer experience and accelerated time to market. In this webinar, hear how MongoDB enables retailers to develop:

  • Enriched Product Catalog Management
  • Distribution and Logistics Management
  • Solutions Real time Analysis of Customer Behavior

The use cases are specific to retail, but the patterns of usage - agility, scale, and global distribution - will be applicable across many industries.

Norberto Leite : About the speaker

Norberto Leite is a curriculum engineer at MongoDB. Norberto has been working for the last 8 years on large scalable and distributable application environments, both as advisor and engineer.

Prior to MongoDB, Norberto served as Big Data Engineer at Telefonica.