Webinar: Delivering the Complete Customer View - Today’s Table Stakes by Infusion & MongoDB

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April 17, 2014

The era of seamless selling has arrived and the customer is in the center of this universe. Driven by round-the-clock commerce, innovative Internet retailing and consumer digital technologies, customers today have high expectations of businesses. Yet systems to support seamless selling are highly specified, often inflexible and may appear to ‘lock’ your critical data. Holding inherent and great value, legacy capabilities may have troubles keeping up with the demands of modern applications and today’s consumers.

In order to meet these demands, MongoDB and Infusion come together to deliver game-changing results. MongoDB, with game-changing technology, provides enablers that help free your systems’ information to share across the enterprise. Infusion, with innovative solutions from strategy to activation around the visionary customer experience, more and more customers are turning to us to provide a complete view of the consumer.

Join us for the webinar to learn about how more and more companies are delivering digital table stakes to their customers. The webinar will discuss case studies such as how:

  1. A large European telecommunications is unlocking subscriber data
  2. A global insurance firm enables selling agents to have the latest information about their customers and just how quickly they achieved this
  3. Foursquare, the social platform, captures not only customer information but connects it to their personal social shared information, such as ratings, location and feedback in real time

Rebecca Bucnis, Global Business Architect, Edouard Servan-Schreiber, Director of Solution Architecture, in their second webinar on Enabling Omni-Channel Capabilities, joined by Stephen Eyre, Director of Business Development at Infusion, will share the business view as well as the specific technology capabilities for Completing the Customer View.

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