Webinar: Build an Application Series - Session 2 - Getting Started

February 06, 2014

Join us for the second session in our eight-part webinar series on "Building an application with MongoDB" to learn best practices, tips and tricks from our Solution Architects and learn how easy it is to start building applications with MongoDB.

This session - presented by Matthew Bates, Solutions Architect & Consulting Engineer at MongoDB - will cover an outline of an application, schema design decisions, application functionality and design for scale out.

Next in the Series:

February 20th 2014 - Build an Application Series - Session 3 - Interacting with the database This webinar will discuss queries and updates and the interaction between an application and a database

March 6th 2014 - Build an Application Series - Session 4 - Indexing This session will focus on indexing strategies for the application, including geo spatial and full text search

March 20th 2014 - Build an Application Series - Session 5 - Reporting in your application This session covers Reporting and Aggregation Framework and Building application usage reports

April 3th 2014 - Operations for your application - Session 6 - Deploying the application By this stage, we will have built the application. Now we need to deploy it. We will discuss architecture for High Availability and scale out

April 17th 2014 - Operations for your application - Session 7 - Backup and DR This webinar will discuss back up and restore options. Learn what you should do in the event of a failure and how to perform a backup and recovery of the data in your applications

May 6th 2014 - Operations for your application - Session 8 - Monitoring and Performance Tuning The final webinar of the series will discuss what metrics are important and how to manage and monitor your application for key performance.

Matthew Bates: About the speaker

Matthew is a Solutions Architect in the EMEA region for MongoDB and helps advise customers how to best use and make the most out of MongoDB in their organisations. He has a background in solutions for the acquisition, management and exploitation of big data in government and public sector and telco industries through his previous roles at consultancy firms and a major European telco. He's a Java and Python coder and has a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham.