Build a mobile app end to end with React Native, MongoDB, and Realm

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December 07, 2022

12 PM ET

Join us live, Wednesday, December 7, as we build a mobile app from start to finish – working across iOS and Android – with local persistence via Realm and cloud-syncing via MongoDB Atlas. We’ll also highlight some of the exciting new capabilities of our recent JavaScript version 11 release, including Hermes support, a Flipper plugin, and more! Some impressive capabilities you'll have working by the end of our live session:

  • A working React Native mobile app you can build on top of, with a single backend/data layer that works across platforms
  • A fully managed and auto-scaling infrastructure, no matter how fast your app grows or changes
  • Industry-leading conflict resolution algorithms providing accurate, real-time data
  • Out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade security (including encryption at rest and in flight, rich authentication methods and granular, role-based permissions)
  • Local persistence for reliability and performance on mobile devices with limited resources (battery, space, etc.)

Tune in, ask questions, and engage with the community live. See you there!

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