Application Modernisation eWorkshop with AWS

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November 15, 2023

10am GMT / 11am CET

Legacy systems, although once groundbreaking, can hinder an organization's ability to innovate and scale.

In this 3 hour eWorkshop we’ll explore the importance of modernizing your data infrastructure to speed up application development and iteration, as well as key features and benefits of using MongoDB Atlas on AWS to get the job done.

We will also explore the Generative AI capabilities that enhance the customer experience and developer productivity.

Why Modernize with MongoDB Atlas on AWS?

The combined capabilities of MongoDB Atlas and AWS make it easy to focus on consistently shipping exceptional features and products anywhere in the world, all while improving developer productivity and customer experience in the digital age.

MongoDB’s flexible document model makes building and evolving applications simple, replacing the rigidity and development friction of relational databases. MongoDB's Relational Migrator can accelerate application modernization by streamlining schema design and data migration.

Join our MongoDB speaker, Luiz Alvez and our AWS speaker, Rohan Ghosh to learn more about modernizing your data infrastructure.

Your ability to innovate depends on it, and MongoDB Atlas on AWS can help - learn how.

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