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Use Case

MongoDB for Mobile

Quickly launch and scale secure mobile apps on MongoDB’s developer data platform, no matter how you like to build.
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Create mobile apps that meet modern user expectations

Popular mobile apps have created higher user expectations. Mobile users demand reactive experiences, low latency, and instant data updates across platforms and devices. Sophisticated data and infrastructure layers make this possible, but they don’t have to be reinvented.
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An out-of-the-box backend for mobile apps

Go-to-market faster with a fully-managed, flexible backend layer optimized for mobile devices—including the infrastructure and data management. Launch an enterprise-grade app quickly and focus on your product.

Building a Mobile App with MongoDB

Everything you need to create the next great mobile app
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Better mobile apps, built faster and easier

Unlock development resources for the things only your team can build. Atlas Device Sync is a fully-managed, device-to-cloud synchronization solution that enables reactive experiences. Leverage industry-leading conflict resolution algorithms, graceful network failure handling, rich authentication methods, and enterprise-grade security capabilities—all right out-of-the-box.
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Flexible cloud options that scale with you

Leverage our fully-managed, serverless APIs, bring your own REST APIs, or focus solely on your app logic and let MongoDB handle the rest. No matter how you build, get the benefits of Atlas’ flexible document data model and the developer data platform—with Triggers, Charts, Search, Time Series, and much more—while paying only for what you consume.
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Delight users with data persistence

Storing data locally makes mobile experiences without interruption possible—even with network failures. Realm, by MongoDB, is an on-device database that minimizes device resource drainage. Object-oriented by design, Realm removes the need for an ORM or DAO, making development a breeze, and it’s seamlessly integrated with Atlas to enable always-on mobile experiences.

MongoDB is the best data platform for building mobile applications

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MongoDB Atlas

Atlas is a developer data platform for building applications. At its core, it is on-demand, elastic, and fully managed MongoDB, with baked-in best practices, leaving developers free to build the next big thing.

Why MongoDB for your mobile apps?

Intuitive data model

MongoDB’s document data model & Realm’s object-oriented data model make it easy to work with native objects — no ORMs or DAOs needed.



Realm provides simple and secure SDK access from mobile apps directly to your data, whether in the backend or on-device.


Built-in sync

Atlas Device Sync automatically propagates changes in both directions between Realm, embedded in your mobile app, and Atlas in the cloud.



Index and query data any way you need. Device Sync exposes the data generated on mobile to Atlas services, allowing you to search, analyze, transform, combine, and visualize your app or user data with ease.


Data where you need it

Atlas lets you precisely control where your data lives so you can ensure fast performance anywhere and meet compliance requirements; Realm stores the data on your users' trusted devices.


Always on

Built-in redundancy and self-healing ensure service continuity of the cloud backend; users can also continue to use the app when offline, using data stored on device with Realm.



Fully managed MongoDB databases in Atlas auto-scale to meet growing data volumes and user loads; serverless Device Sync scales automatically and transparently, and you only pay for what you consume.


Run anywhere

Run the same data platform everywhere – inside any frontend device with SDKs for iOS, Android, React Native and more, on a single cloud, or even across multiple public clouds.


Easily get started with documentation

Dive in and get started quickly, no matter how you build your mobile apps. Start with documentation.

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Start building locally

Get started with Realm SDKs. Supported languages include Swift, Kotlin, Java, .NET, React Native, Node.js, and more.

Start using Device Sync today

Sync data between local device storage and the backend, simplify development, and ensure app performance — regardless of connectivity.
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  • Cross-platform
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