Upgrade from MongoDB 3.0

By running MongoDB 3.0, you've already seen the major performance enhancements we added since 2.6. To unlock the compression enhancements, enterprise-grade encryption, and pluggable storage engine options released in MongoDB 3.2.

Learn about what's new in MongoDB 3.2.

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Read the documentation

Get the detailed change log and detailed upgrade process in our documentation.
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Get help from the experts

Let our experts evaluate your application and create a detailed upgrade plan for you during our Major Version Upgrade consulting engagement.
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More information to help you upgrade seamlessly


Before beginning your upgrade, see the Compatibility Changes in MongoDB 3.2 document to ensure that your applications and deployments are compatible with MongoDB 3.2. Resolve the incompatibilities in your deployment before starting the upgrade.

Before upgrading MongoDB, always test your application in a staging environment before deploying the upgrade to your production environment.

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