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MongoDB Atlas: 3 Month Migration Promotion

Terms and Conditions

How do I qualify?

  • You are a new Atlas customer with a billing address within the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany, or Denmark.
  • You migrate an existing MongoDB deployment from a 3rd party MongoDB provider to a new MongoDB Atlas group.
  • You indicate your interest by submitting your information to https://www.mongodb.com/contact/atlasmigration or any other form on mongodb.com that promotes this offer.
  • By submitting your information, you agree to have a member of the MongoDB team contact you to set up an assessment call. Participation in the assessment call is required to qualify for this promotion.
  • During the assessment call, you will be asked questions about your existing MongoDB deployment. Your deployment must meet the following criteria to qualify:
    • Your MongoDB deployment must run on a production-grade Atlas instance (M30 and above).
    • Your migrated deployment runs continuously for at least 90 consecutive days since the start date of your migration, where the start date is the date specified in the assessment survey.
  • Participation in this promotion allows MongoDB to make public reference to the company associated with the group as a migration customer unless explicit restriction is requested in writing by the customer.

What do I get?

Qualifying customers will receive:

  • Access to Premium Technical Support from MongoDB for 30 days beginning with the specified Start Date of the migration.
  • At the end of the 90-day Migration Period, you will have 14 days to confirm your participation in this promotion and to select one of following two offers:
    • Atlas credits applied to the specified group in the amount equivalent to the spend during the Migration Period. These credits will be applied to your group within 30 days of your selection of this option.
    • OR an equivalent discount to Atlas credits purchased as part of a pre-paid annual agreement with MongoDB. This discount will be applied on signing.

What are the limitations or restrictions?

  • MongoDB Atlas credits cannot be sold or transferred.
  • The credits applied to your account will expire 1 year from the date of issue.
  • Offer is limited to 1 per MongoDB Atlas group.
  • Should you elect to sign a pre-paid annual agreement with MongoDB, the discount will only be applied if the contract start date is within 120 days of the start of the Migration Period. Contracts beginning after this window are not eligible for this promotion.


  • "Migration Period": The 90 day period in which the migrated MongoDB workload is running at the required usage threshold. This period begins on the date specified during the assessment call.
  • "Start Date": The date specified by the applicant during the assessment call that corresponds to the beginning of the Migration Period.
  • "Migration": The transfer of an existing, production MongoDB deployment from a 3rd party MongoDB provider to a new MongoDB Atlas group. This production workload has previously not run in MongoDB Atlas or as part of a MongoDB Enterprise Advanced or MongoDB Professional subscription.
  • "New Customer": An applicant for this promotion that has never been part of an MongoDB Atlas group that has accrued invoiceable activity within the last 12 months.
  • "Agreement": An annual contract between the customer and MongoDB that is initiated by an order form and signed by both the customer and MongoDB.

Any questions regarding this promotion should be directed to mongodbteam@mongodb.com.