Startup Accelerator

Our Mission

The MongoDB Startup Accelerator offers access to MongoDB Atlas, the fully-managed global cloud database, and support to help startups like Radar, Lorem and BubbleIQ build and scale their businesses.

The Startup Package

MongoDB Atlas Credits

Get access to MongoDB Atlas, the fully-managed global cloud database, along with other offerings such as MongoDB Compass, the GUI for MongoDB, and MongoDB Stitch, the serverless platform from MongoDB. Build your product with Atlas so you can easily spin up, secure, operate, and scale your deployments in the cloud. You can migrate your existing MongoDB workload to MongoDB Atlas simply with our free live migration utility.

Technical Support

Get access to technical support from our team of engineers. Get help on anything – when you’re having an issue, or if you just want some advice on critical decisions such as schema design, indexing, or performance management.

Access to the MongoDB Network

We’ll give you access to the community experts who can take you and your team to the next level. Through complimentary access to MongoDB events, and inclusion in our Advocacy Hub, our team will ensure that you are set up for success.

Marketing Support

With the support of our marketing team, we’ll help you get the word out about your product through a suite of co-marketing activities, including everything from sharing your news on our social channels to creating videos and blogs about your use case.

What are the benefits?

MongoDB Atlas cluster for 12 months

Introductions to the MongoDB network

Connections through MongoDB’s community of experts on the Advocacy Hub

Passes to local events and MongoDB World

Increased visibility and exposure through MongoDB’s community

Marketing support and amplification


Your organization must meet the following criteria to receive support from MongoDB:

  • Series A or earlier
  • Building a product or service (agencies are not eligible)
  • Willing to participate in co-promotion with MongoDB
  • Have not previously participated in the MongoDB Startup
    Accelerator program

Get Started with the
Atlas Free Tier

Startups that do not meet our eligibility requirements can test drive our free tier of MongoDB Atlas.

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Haven’t used MongoDB in awhile? Here’s what’s changed

MongoDB first shipped in August 2009. Early versions of the product were focused on the validating a new, and largely unproven approach to database design – distributed, non-relational, and built on the document data model. Those early releases attracted masses of real-world adoption across a whole range of startups and enterprises.

With early usage validating this new approach to building a modern database, MongoDB’s engineering focus moved to industrializing the database for use by the broader developer community, beyond bleeding-edge projects. Major enhancements in scalability, query functionality, and cloud services have followed. And with MongoDB 4.0, multi-document ACID transactions.

I last looked at MongoDB 3 years ago. What’s changed?

  • Multi-document ACID transactions, making it even easier to address a complete range of use-cases with MongoDB

  • WiredTiger storage engine, document level locking, and built-in compression for an order of magnitude more scalability

  • Aggregation pipeline, fully expressive joins, faceted search, graph traversals, and many new query operators to build powerful applications on a single data platform

  • The release of MongoDB Atlas, the global cloud database, available on-demand and with a pay-as-you-go model

Startup Accelerator Alumni

Who's using MongoDB Atlas

"Because we’re using MongoDB Atlas, we’re able to ship lots of features really quickly… The ability to do that with a small number of engineers is very valuable for a startup like us that is very constrained."
-Fletcher Richman, CEO & Co-Founder

"I highly recommend that anyone who is starting out starts with MongoDB Atlas. The support is unparalleled. The expertise is unparalleled. It’s the best tool both to get started and to scale your platform over time."
-Nick Patrick, CEO

"You don't want to be working on stuff that isn't really differentiated for your business. And managing a database cluster falls into that category. It's critical that it works and it's performing, but we can offload that to the professionals, and that's MongoDB."
-Gavin Cooper, Sr. Director of Product and Engineering

The Team Behind it All

Sahir Azam

SVP of Cloud and GTM

Francesca Krihely

Director of Marketing

Eliot Horowitz

CTO and Co-Founder

Kevin Ryan

Board Member and Co-Founder

Cailin Nelson

SVP of Cloud Engineering

Seong Park

VP of Product Marketing

Michael Lynn

Global Director of Developer Advocacy

Andrew Davidson

Lead Product Manager, Cloud

Allie Tsuchiya

Growth Marketing, Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MongoDB Startup Accelerator program?

The MongoDB Startup Accelerator is an initiative designed to help startups succeed by offering access to the software and services to help them build and scale their business. Startups that are a part of our program get complimentary MongoDB Atlas credits, connections to the MongoDB community, and promotion through MongoDB’s channels.

How are startups chosen?

Startups are chosen based on program criteria included below:

  • Series A or earlier
  • Building a product or service (agencies are not eligible)
  • Willing to participate in co-promotion with MongoDB
  • Have not previously participated in the MongoDB Startup Accelerator program
Can I apply to enter the program multiple times if I’m not chosen the first time around?

Yes, you may apply multiple times, but startups must fit the eligibility criteria in order to participate.

Why does MongoDB have a program for startups?

This is our way to give back to the startup community by helping the next generation of founders.

How much usage of MongoDB Atlas will the program cover?

You will receive $3,000 in MongoDB Atlas credits, to be used over the course of 12 months.

What is the duration of the program?

12 months

What if I am a paid MongoDB Atlas customer?

No problem. We can credit your account for the program to your existing invoice. No refunds are provided.

Are there location restrictions?

There are no location restrictions.

When will I hear back on my acceptance?

You will receive confirmation of acceptance within a week of your application.