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Serverless application development. Build modern apps with ease.

Start small and scale to millions of users with confidence and the flexibility of our fully managed platform.

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Deploy a serverless database

Deploy a serverless database

MongoDB Atlas serverless instances allow you to get started with minimal configuration, so you can focus on building your app. As your app grows, your serverless database will seamlessly scale based on demand and only charge for the resources you use.

How to get started

Build new applications faster

Maximize the value of serverless development with MongoDB Atlas. Atlas reduces the cognitive load that comes with infrastructure provisioning and management tasks. It lets you work with the languages and tools you already know so you can focus on building first-rate apps that your customers will love.

Embrace the benefits of serverless development
Speed application development
Elastic scale

Grow with confidence

With MongoDB Atlas, you never have to worry about resource constraints as your application grows. Whether you have one user or millions, you can seamlessly scale to meet changes in demand without any hands-on management and confidently deliver secure, fast applications with the trusted foundation of Atlas.

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Optimize your costs

Start small without any up-front commitments. MongoDB Atlas offers both serverless and pre-provisioned deployments to meet the needs of any workload pattern. Pay for consumption or opt for dedicated capacity – whatever works best for your application.

Understand the costs of serverless architecture
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Built to work with leading serverless tools

MongoDB Atlas integrates with popular serverless functions and frameworks. Build applications with the tools of your choice so you can focus on what matters: building differentiating features to win market share.

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Feature overview

A simplified experience for developers

Our platform is built by developers, for developers. That means you have the flexibility to work with the languages and tools of your choice.
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Deploy a database
Create a serverless database in minutes using the Atlas UI, or CLI, and easily connect with the MongoDB Shell.
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Atlas CLI
MongoDB Shell
Build and run applications without managing servers
Atlas offers a range of tools for running code and integrating applications — without the burden of managing servers.
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Data API
Extend the power of your data
Seamlessly connect with popular serverless functions and development tools via drivers in the language of your choice or with the Atlas Data API.
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AWS Lambda
Azure Functions

Build modern serverless applications with Atlas

Discover how to make the most of our developer data platform.
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Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with our developer data platform.

Get started with Atlas

Get started in seconds with minimal configuration, then let Atlas do the rest.
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  • Easy configuration
  • Seamless scaling
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Always-on authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Command line tools