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How do you build analytics into your applications?

Building smarter apps starts with building analytics into the application itself. Learn how in our 3-part demo on the ultimate edge case: Rocket launches.

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Illustration of the data synchronization process
An illustration of an increasing bar graph and rocketship

Imagine your app analyzing a million metrics per second in real time

A rocket launch happens over the course of 30 minutes and generates one million metrics of data per second. There's no time for batch analysis processes that send data from one system to another. That’s why bringing real-time analytics into aerospace applications is so critical.

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Imagine building analytics directly in your application

Shifting analytics into applications is a growing trend. Especially with the rise of streaming, connected devices, and big data. Analyzing these huge amounts of data in real time within an application is a process we call: “Application-Driven Analytics.”

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Illustration of the mobile phone inside a gear, representing the "Application-Driven Analytics" process.

Imagine what you could build with one versatile platform

Even if you’re not launching rockets, collecting and analyzing data in real-time is essential to building modern applications. MongoDB Atlas brings multiple capabilities together into a single platform to make this happen.

Go beyond rockets with a wider universe of tutorials

You may not be launching rockets, but here’s how your app can run analytics in everything from Spotify playlists to global retail dashboards.

Resources for developers

From documentation to free courses, here are additional resources to learn more about the power of app-driven analytics.

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