MongoDB Atlas: Database as a service for MongoDB

Get started for free. No credit card required.

Developers love MongoDB because they can get build and iterate on applications quickly and enterprises are making it their NoSQL standard for a wide variety of use cases. 

With MongoDB Atlas, it's easier than ever to get started with the fastest growing NoSQL technology. MongoDB Atlas is a hosted database as a service from the engineers who build MongoDB. You only pay for what you use for your production workloads. 


  • Automated: The easiest way to build, launch, and scale apps on MongoDB 
  • Secured: You get access to Multiple levels of security available to give you peace of mind 
  • Scalable: Deliver massive scalability with zero downtime as you grow
  • Highly available: Your deployments are fault-tolerant and self-healing by default
  • High performance: The performance you need for your most demanding workloads 
  • Updated: MongoDB Atlas gives you access to the latest MongoDB features 

Spin up a free MongoDB cluster in minutes 

You can now create a free cluster in MongoDB Atlas. The free tier grants you 512 MB of storage for learning MongoDB, prototyping your application, and early development. Like all dedicated MongoDB Atlas clusters, clusters in the free tier are highly available and tightly secured by default. 

Fill out the form on this page to get started. 

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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