Supporting Big Data Challenges

Big Data is about the modern challenges facing enterprises in managing the massive influx of data from their applications. The esteemed research analyst firm, Gartner, has labeled the challenges as the three Vs of Big Data - volume, variety, and velocity.

In terms of volume, data is growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down as mobile computing, Internet of Things, geospatial targeting, and other unforeseen technologies develop. In terms of velocity, the speed of data processing is also showing no signs of slowing down as transactions occur in real-time or in a matter of microseconds. And the variety of data is ever expanding as new types of data are being continually created.

The old relational databases were designed to address much smaller volumes of data that fit neatly into rows, columns, and tables. A new crop of databases, called NoSQL, have emerged to address the limitations of relational technology and fulfill Big Data requirements.

MongoDB is the most widely adopted database of this new generation with over 10 million downloads, a vibrant developer community, and hundreds of thousands of deployments in active use. DB-Engines consistently puts MongoDB at the top of its monthly rankings. And Gartner has recently named MongoDB as a leader in its Magic Quadrant report on operational database management systems.

Developers love MongoDB for its ease of use, and enterprises love MongoDB for its broad applicability to a variety of use cases. MongoDB is unique among NoSQL databases for its Nexus Architecture which brings together the innovations of NoSQL with the relevant features of relational database technology in supporting Big Data challenges.

MongoDB includes the best aspects of relational databases:

  • Expressive query language for sophisticated use of your data
  • Strong consistency for viewing and processing data in real-time
  • Secondary indexes for quick data navigation

And combines them with the features that make sense for Big Data:

  • Flexible data models that easily adapt to changing requirements
  • Elastic scalability for growing in lockstep with system demand
  • High performance in terms of throughput and latency

For these reasons and more, MongoDB is the database perfectly suited for building modern application. Learn more about the challenges of Big Data, the considerations involved in choosing Big Data technology, and how MongoDB can help. Download our white paper today.