Software Development Costs

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The rise of online and mobile applications, along with large data volumes, have led companies to adopt new, more modern development practices. These new approaches include agile development teams working in short, iterative sprints, the use of open source software, and distributed computing over commodity hardware.

The result is faster time to market and lower costs. Code releases now happen in weeks as opposed to years. Open source software means no upfront licensing fees before development even begins. Distributed and cloud computing eliminates heavy infrastructure investment.

NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, were designed to take advantage of these modern development practices and have risen in popularity because enterprises are experiencing dramatically lower total cost of ownership. Development costs are just one category of savings that you can derive from newer database technology like MongoDB. You can also realize cost savings in terms of hardware, the software itself, and operational costs that keep your database humming along.

In fact, customers of MongoDB have seen significant cost savings of over 70% when migrating their systems from Oracle to MongoDB. To read more about how MongoDB can help you dramatically lower software development and other costs, download our white paper. The paper provides:

  • A comparison of upfront costs such as initial developer and administrator effort, software licenses, and server and storage hardware
  • A comparison of ongoing costs such as maintenance and support
  • Implications of using MongoDB on total cost of ownership

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