Single View Applications

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The era of Big Data has made it even harder to wrangle your data which is spread across the enterprise in useless silos. Managing the sheer volume of data is one challenge. The shortcomings of the current technology solutions to address the silos is yet another challenge.

Yet, many enterprises with extensive legacy systems built on relational technology have tried to create that elusive a single view but have failed. Building a single view application involves bringing data together from multiple sources into a central repository.

This pursuit of single view has been near impossible until now. MongoDB, the popular NoSQL database built with Big Data requirements in mind, lets you build single view applications more effectively than any other solution that has come before it. All in less time and at a lower cost than with alternative approaches.

The advantages of creating a single view application with MongoDB:

  • Document data model. You can incorporate any type of data into the system with MongoDB, no matter what it looks like or where it comes from.
  • Dynamic schemas in MongoDB allows your development team to launch and iterate quickly. Less time is spent preparing data for the database so more time can be devoted to getting the project ready for release.
  • Less costs involved than trying to do this with a relational database. MongoDB makes it easy to create a single view application, much easier than if you attempted the same project with a relational database. The time and cost savings from using commodity servers to scale means you can realize just a fraction of costs with MongoDB than with a relational database for the same application.

Single view applications can result in great business transformation. Find out more about the major impact a database can have on your business. Download our white paper today.

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