Set Up MongoDB On Hadoop

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Diving deeper into business intelligence with MongoDB and Hadoop

Hadoop is a popular open source technology that processes and stores large volumes of data for analytical and batch operation purposes. Setting up MongoDB, the world’s leading NoSQL database, with Hadoop through the Hadoop Connector lets enterprises to build powerful applications that turn analytics insight into action.

How do these two technologies work together to create powerful applications for business intelligence? MongoDB is the database component that drives online, real-time operational applications while Hadoop takes data offline and batch processes it to drive sophisticated analytics and machine learning. These complementary technologies offer companies the chance to create transformative applications that were previously impossible.

One example of the powerful union of MongoDB and Hadoop is an application called the WindyGrid built by the City of Chicago. The municipality used the MongoDB Hadoop integration to build the application which analyzes data from over 30 different city agencies in order to predict future outcomes on crime, public health and other issues affecting the well-being of Chicago citizens. The WindyGrid lets Chicago deploy critical services in real-time and predict potential issues such as an outbreak in disease or crime.

The City is not the only organization taking advantage of the sophisticated analytics offered by MongoDB and Hadoop. Companies as varied as eBay, Orbitz, FourSquare, and Pearson employ the two technologies to build new, innovative applications from deeper business intelligence. Explore the possibilities of MongoDB and Hadoop for your organization by watching the video.

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