Open Source Software Development

In response to today’s reality of online and mobile applications that process large volumes of data, companies are turning to the latest modern development practices. Now, development teams work in small groups and in agile sprints with code releases happening in weeks instead of months and years.

Employing open source software is also common as developers find they can get a prototype into testing and production faster and at virtually no cost. The result is shorter time to market at a lower cost – a no-brainer for any enterprise looking to thrive in the marketplace.

NoSQL databases rose in popularity on the wave of these trends. Typically, open source and built with modern software practices in mind, NoSQL databases allow for faster development at lower cost than with the older generation of relational databases. At the top of the pack of modern databases is MongoDB with 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of deployments.

MongoDB is unique among the NoSQL offerings in offering both the latest benefits of open source software along with the best features of older relational database technology.

MongoDB offers:

  • Rich secondary indexes
  • Powerful, expressive query language
  • Strong consistency
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Flexible data models
  • In-memory performance

These features enable MongoDB to address a broad variety of use cases, including mobile, social, real-time analytics, and geospatial applications.

To learn more about the features that make MongoDB the world’s leading modern database, download our white paper today.