Open Source Databases

Transform your business with MongoDB

Databases have evolved away from the more traditional relational model in recent years to take advantage of recent trends in software development practices. The newer generation of databases, known also as NoSQL, tend to be open source, hosted in the cloud, and rely on horizontal scaling across commodity hardware. As a result, open source databases have grown in popularity as companies find that they can innovate more quickly and at a lower cost than with relational databases.

MongoDB stands as a leader of open source databases with 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of deployments. In fact, DB-engines consistently ranks MongoDB as the top NoSQL database.

By combining the best of elements of relational databases with the innovations introduced by open source databases, MongoDB enables enterprises to build applications that were previously impossible.

MongoDB is the only database that offers the benefits of open source databases:

  • A flexible data model that easily accommodates the unstructured data found in Big Data applications
  • High performance required of today’s real-time, always-on modern applications
  • Scalability to easily accommodate growth in your business requirements

While incorporating the most compelling features of relational databases:

  • An expressive query language for making powerful use of your data
  • Strong consistency for real-time views and processing of your data updates
  • Secondary indexes for powerful and fast indexes to allow for quick data navigation

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