Open Source Data Management

Look to MongoDB for open source database management solutions

Organizations from start-ups to large companies are turning to open source database management solutions for developing, implementing and sharing applications tailored to business needs. With open source database management, companies and organizations are finding that they can innovate more quickly and deliver solutions at a lower cost. As a newer database technology, NoSQL databases tend to be open-source.

Selecting the right open source database management solution is important. MongoDB is the right database for building modern applications as it combines the innovations of NoSQL databases with the best features of traditional relational databases.

With MongoDB, you can build applications that were never before possible. MongoDB offers the benefits of NoSQL databases:

  • A flexible data model built for modern data that allows you to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your business
  • High performance for instantaneous, always-on experiences
  • Scalability to easily and reliably grow your application as it meets the demands of your growing business

Along with the features that make relational databases great:

  • An expressive query language which lets your developers quickly build powerful features with your data
  • Strong consistency so your applications can immediately see updates to your data
  • Secondary indexes offer powerful and fast indexes that allow you to navigate your data quickly

For these reasons and more, MongoDB is the fastest-growing database with over 10 million downloads and counting. To learn more about MongoDB and our leading Open Source Database Software, contact us.