Open Source Data Management

MongoDB offers open source data management to transform your business

Companies from start-ups to large corporations are leveraging open source data management solutions to develop, implement and share applications customized to business needs. With open source data management, companies find that they can innovate more quickly at a lower cost. As a newer technology, NoSQL databases also tend to be open-source.

MongoDB offers the innovations of NoSQL databases while maintaining best features of traditional relational databases:

  • High performance for instantaneous, always-on experiences
  • A flexible data model to seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of your business
  • Strong consistency to immediately access updates to your data
  • An expressive query language to efficiently build powerful features with your data
  • Secondary indexes allows you to access and leverage your data quickly

For these reasons and more, MongoDB continues to be the fastest-growing database with over 10 million downloads and counting. Selecting the right open source data management solution is critical. To learn more about MongoDB and how open source data management can help your organization, contact us.

Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s choose MongoDB to build, scale, and innovate.

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