Open Source Data Integration

You can create an integrated view of your customers to greatly enhance the customer experience and satisfaction. A 360 degree view of your organization could help optimize operational efficiency. Establishing a single view of financial investments can lead to greater returns on a portfolio.

The effort to create a single view is not easy. Blending data from different sources and of different data types can be a great development challenge. Many enterprises have tried and failed using decades old relational technology. But MongoDB makes it easy to achieve that single view.

How MongoDB enables single view:

  • Data integration partners. MongoDB has the largest partner ecosystem, including leading data integration solutions like Informatica, Talend, and Pentaho. These partners, many of them open source like MongoDB, can help you take all your disparate sources of data and integrate them for analytical purposes.
  • Handles any type of data. Incorporate any type of data from any source into your MongoDB database. MongoDB is also built to handle unstructured data.
  • Dynamic schema. A flexible and dynamic schema lets you iterate more quickly than older technology. Your team can spend less time preparing the data and more time on development.

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